Collaboration with RNSM

Collaboration with RNSM

by Fredua Asare April 03, 2016

Who are RNSM? 'RNSM Records' are a musical record label based in Nottingham. They have the notorious 'Blacko' who is the creator for Nottingham's music anthem called '0115' and this record label has accumulated over an impressive 50,000+ views on YouTube and over 40,000+ plays on SoundCloud! Go give their website a look @

We will be doing many collaborations in the near future with this record label so make sure to keep an eye out for us!

Make sure to give them a follow on their social media;

Twitter - @rnsmrecords

SoundCloud - The 5ive


YouTube - RNSM

Instagram - RansomRecords


Fredua Asare
Fredua Asare


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