A special woman. (North Star)

A special woman. (North Star)

by Chiamaka Anumaka July 07, 2021

Our model wearing the North Star Chocolate crop top & jogger set in small size. 

Designer, Coyoti has invariably had an interest in women clothing for as much as he’s been creating designs. He always speculated on an outfit he could craft solely for women, a wear that could depict the increased confidence the world has in women and something that could be a signal of the woman-power.

Every woman is a star of her own. She has that spark that would light up a room, a street and a universe as a whole. The power of a woman is so wide, it reaches every point and axis of the earth and with this, Beasty Era introduced the North Star collection.

Model wearing the North Star black bodysuit in small size

This collection is so special to the brand and that’s why we put all our heart into designing and producing these beautiful pieces. So much emphasis was placed on the design, quality and variety of the peices in this collection.

It comprises a sport bra and jogger set in different color assortments(black, nude, chocolate and cream), a black swimsuit and a black belt bag.

All these items are made from very quality fabric and are 100% cotton. The outfits are very convenient and spontaneous. We can’t wait to launch this collection.

We hope the women love it!

Chiamaka Anumaka
Chiamaka Anumaka


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