About Us


There’s a beautiful part to every human that may not be known no matter how much their exteriors always seem to be the basis for judgement. These beauty only starts to illuminate to those who choose to see it in a process of discovery.

Inspired by his intuitiveness to see beyond the ordinary and always look for the beauty within the assumed “beast”, Promise Oti started the #Official clothing line in 2014 as a way to showcase his designs and artwork to that effect while he was still in Secondary School. It was later rebranded to BeastyEra in 2016 and became registered as a limited liability Company in 2018.

BeastyEra is a distinct contemporary fashion brand based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Our products are centered on a range of hand designed clothing such as tracksuits, hoodies, and tees amongst others, made from high-quality fabrics, and tailored to perfection for all sizes.

We are happy to give you that urban fashion twist in the most creative form we can imagine, whilst working proactively to innovate new designs consistently so as to satisfy your cravings for varieties and spontaneity.

We are optimistic that with infusing the freshest garments with the best designs, there is one thing wearing our clothing will make you and that’s BEASTY( Being the Unknown).